Funeral PlanningThe Visitation Period

Visitation offers a time and place for relatives and friends to share support and encouragement with the family. The deceased person may be present at the visitation either with a burial service or a cremation service. With direct cremation, the deceased's cremated remains may or may not be present depending upon your desires.

Things to Consider

  • The length of the visitation period differs with each family.
  • The family does not need to be present the entire visitation period.
  • Visitation can be limited to specific hours.
  • Some friends like to come when the family is not present.
  • Many families announce a limited time when they will be available but maintain an extended time when the public is invited.

Visitation Rooms

We want you to be aware that in doing our best to serve the needs of all families it may be necessary following visitation, during the daytime or prior to the service, to move the deceased to a different visitation room.


Even though visitation is a very personal time, several items will be verified with you during this period:

  • Personal satisfaction. In a service with visitation, we are concerned about the appearance of the deceased. In addition, we want you to be pleased with the room arrangement, registration and placement of flowers. Please let us know if we need to make any changes for you.
  • Memorial folders. The accuracy of the memorial folder to be handed out at service time is important.
    We will check this information with you. (If you wish to have memorial folders available during visitation, please let us know.)
  • Floral distribution. We will confer with you about the distribution of flowers after the service. With a burial service, many flowers will go to the cemetery, but you may also want some for family and friends. We will help you with this process.
  • Floral record. We will maintain a complete floral record for your permanent record and ours.
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