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THE DEATH OF SOMEONE YOU LOVE is a devastating human experience and can impact judgment.  We believe in the importance of celebrating the life of your loved one.  Hamilton’s will assist, any way we can, in arranging an appropriate sevice to meet your individual needs.  However, it is important to be realistic with funeral expenditures, as with any expenditure.  We will strive to help you carry out your wishes within your financial means.


We accept cash, check, and all major credit cards.

  • Immediate Payment Option: Payment may be made using cash, check or credit card.  The name of the check signer must be pre-printed on the check. Credit cards must be signed by the cardholder only.  Please note payments will be processed immediately.
  • Hamilton’s Pre-Funded Arrangements: Hamilton’s will initiate the required documents during the arrangement meeting. 
  • Life Insurance Assignment: Some life insurance policies allow proceeds to be assigned to the funeral home for direct payment of expenses. Hamilton’s will initiate the documents and confirm the assignment during/prior to the arrangement meeting. Many insurance companies require a certified death certificate to process insurance claims. If required, one of the requested death certificates will be retained for insurance filing.
  • Credit Card: Hamilton’s will accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express.

Financial Record:  All families will receive an itemized FUNERAL PURCHASE CONTRACT. 
Please notify Hamilton’s if you have questions or concerns.

Funeral Product Catalog
Funeral Product Catalog