Funeral Planning

Funeral planning can seem overwhelming. At Hamilton's Funeral Home, we want to make the process of planning a funeral for yourself or a loved one as easy as possible. We listen carefully to every detail, creating a personalized tribute and memorable experience.

You'll meet with one of our expert funeral planners who will explain each step and answer every question, so your wishes are met within your budget and timeframe. Whether your loved one recently passed away or you're planning ahead, you want a public event or private ceremony, you want to be cremated, buried or donated, the experienced staff at Hamilton's is here to help.

To make sure we don't miss a single detail, we provide you with all the forms you need to get you through the planning, visitation, memorial and burial, including a pricing guide and an easy-to-follow memorial checklist.

Call (515) 243-5221 to get your planning process started today.