Frequently Asked Questions

What is advanced planning?

The process of setting out one's wishes and instructions to be followed at the time of death is called "Preplanning."

There are two areas to consider when determining the type of final arrangements you desire: the type of service and the disposition.

Decisions about the service are a very personal part of preplanning. Recognizing one's life can be done publicly or privately, with or without the presence of the deceased.

Final disposition can take the form of burial, cremation, or donation to a medical facility. Hamilton's will guide you through the planning and at the time of death will carry out the details of the disposition, wherever it takes place.

In its simplest form, preplanning is having one's wishes recorded by a local funeral home. There is no charge for this non-funded agreement at Hamilton's.

If you decide to pre-pay your preplanning arrangements, you can do so through a bank trust or through funeral insurance funding. All of our funding options meet the guidelines of Iowa law and also meet Title 19 eligibility criteria. Prearrangement burial contracts may be guaranteed cost, or non-guaranteed cost, and you may pay the full amount or set up a payment schedule.

Someone should know what your wishes and instructions are for the time of your death. For more detailed information about advanced planning contact Scott Eriksen at (515) 243-5221.

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