Healing Hearts, Session 3


Grief Support for First through Sixth Graders
Session Three

Healing Hearts at Hamilton's, is a grief program especially for children first through sixth grade, held periodically throughout the year. Healing Hearts is designed to help children begin to recognize and understand the many feelings associated with the death of someone loved. With adult support, children can continue to discover and develop lifelong skills for coping with loss as a part of life.

At Healing Hearts, children have the opportunity to interact with others their own age that have experienced the death of someone very dear to them. Through activities, stories, games, songs, talking about feelings, art and conversations with a bunny puppet named "Hamilton," they find a comfortable place to express their thoughts and feelings. This program is available to all children in our community at no charge. 

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Hamilton's Academy of Grief & Loss
Death and grief are common human experiences, yet these experiences tend to be different for every individual. As a result, Hamilton's Academy of Grief & Loss offers a wide variety of resources available to you and your family as you begin to work through your grief.

Hamilton’s Academy offers to our community…
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