What is Hamilton's Academy of Grief and Loss?

Death and grief are common human experiences, yet these experiences tend to be different for every individual. As a result, Hamilton's Academy of Grief & Loss offers a wide variety of resources available to you and your family as you begin to work through your grief.
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Academy of Grief and Loss
Academy Events

Academy Events

Hamilton's Academy of Grief and Loss offers a variety of services to educate, support and connect with those who are grieving.
Community Events

Community Events

Hamilton's Funeral Homes host a variety of events to serve and give back to our community.

Hamilton's Pet Services

We are excited to announce that after the recent addition of our 2 state of the art human crematories, our 3rd crematory has been approved and licensed to be used exclusively for pet cremations.

Hamilton’s Pet Services
"As life begins with love and awe, so should it end with compassion and grace."

Private Pet Cremation  
Memorial Services  
Urns & Keepsakes 
Support Group

What to do when your pet dies:  Whether your pet dies at home or at your veterinarian’s clinic, Hamilton’s Pet Services staff can help. Please call (515)-697-3687.

Hamilton’s Pet Services 
specializes in the private cremation of your pet.  This means we cremate only one pet at a time and the cremated remains are returned to you.  Every pet taken into our care will receive an ID number tag which will accompany your pet throughout our facility and is given to you with the cremated remains.

You may place toys, blankets, photos, etc. with your pet.  The only exception would be metal objects and toys with batteries and/or electrical wiring.

Hamilton’s Pet Services 
also carries a wide selection of urns, keepsakes, and other merchandise
available for purchase to honor your pet.

General Price List for Private Pet Cremation

Pricing includes: receiving your pet into our care, cremation and the return of the cremated remains in a minimum urn

“Pocket” Pet—$100
Small 5-20 pounds—$130
Medium 20-60 pounds—$160
Large 60-90 pounds—$190
Extra Large 90-120 pounds—$220

For pets larger than 120 pounds, please contact Hamilton’s for pricing.

Memorial Services
Planning a meaningful memorial for those we love can be an important ritual that aids in the grief process. That is no exception for when our beloved pet dies. Let the staff at Hamilton’s Pet Services help you create a personalized memorial to honor the life and love of your beloved pet.

Urns & Keepsakes
Hamilton’s Pet Services carries a wide selection of urns, keepsakes, and other merchandise available for purchase to honor your pet.


 Crystal Remembrances

Contact Hamilton's Pet Services at 
515-697-3687 or PetServices@HamiltonsFuneralHome.com for more information